Healthy meal with
Virgin Olive Oil Extra

An easy way to cook the best dishes with the delicious flavor of
our extra virgin olive oil.

Know more about the olive tree


The olive oil is a vegetal oil with a mainly cuisine use, that we extract from the fruit of the olive tree (olea europaea), called olive.

various uses ...

In Spain, the facilities where we obtain the olive oils are called “almazara”. Its use is mainly for cuisine but the olive oil have been used for cosmetic, medicinal or religious uses as well as for oil lamps.


additional value as effects of olive oil on the body

circulatory system

It helps prevent arteriasclerosis and risks

Digestive system

Improves the functioning of the stomach and pancreas; the hepatobilar level and intestinal level


protective and tonic effect of the epidermis

Endocrine system

Improves metabolic functions

Osseous system

It stimulates growth and favors the absorption of calcium and mineralization


For its vitamin E and the antioxidant effect of this on the cell membrane. It is especially recommended for children and the elderly.