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The combination of more than 30 years of experience and the craftsman industry in the production process of high-quality olive oil.


“We have been producing supreme olive oil for more than 30 years, I think we know what we are talking about.”

ACEITEX produces high-quality olive oil with an ancestral craftsman knowledge still preserved today and good relationships with our customers all over the world. Our brand gained value across the years and every single year we improve the quality of our oil coming up with new technics.


Our facilities allow us the control and the follow-up of the whole production process of the extra virgin olive oil, from the tree till the bottle, across its different steps: reception, weighing and washing, grinding, centrifugation, decantation and the classification of the obtained oils. At the same time, a strong control of the quality will be realized within our laboratories, on the production process of the olive oil as on the product itself.

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Royal variety

“It is considered, without any fail, as one of the greatest gourmet oils among the others cultivated in Cazorla.”

Picual variety

“It is the principal variety grown in Spain, with an area of more than 900,000 hectares, especially in Andalusia, on the districts of Jaen, Cordoba, Granada and Seville. The name of the variety comes from the fruit of the tree, in shape of peak.”

Arbequino variety

“The Arbequino variety is characterized by a great resistance to cold weather and a low resistance to limestone soils. Its fruit is the smallest of all the varieties grown in Spain, between one and two grams.”

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