• Olive trees sea in the Sierra de Cazorla

    One of the largest area in Europe

  • Supreme quality controls

    We maintain our quality with more than 100 years of experience in olive oil production.

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our varieties

We grow the best olive varieties with the utmost appreciation and exploited till the last drop. These are our olive varieties


Our history:
More than 350 years

The farm of “La Caseria” of the Sanchez de la Torre family has a history rooted since more than 350 years in the town of Peal de Becerro, at the beginning of the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Parc. The farm of “La Caseria” has Marquis roots.


Our brands

Created with excellence and cared with the maximum attention, our extra virgin olive oil brands are exclusively supreme.

our Production

A quick guided visit of our extra virgin olive oil factory.

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